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Benefits Of A Real Estate Expert

LITILI has been providing attorneys, insurance companies, and other agencies with the top expert witnesses in real estate and the related fields for years. We have a network of highly qualified experts who are available for litigation and consultation services. We have real estate experts in a variety of fields including: appraisals, developers, and general contractors. LITILI can help you defend your case concerning any type of real estate property, whether it is commercial, residential, or for municipal purposes.

When A Real Estate Expert Is Key To Building Your Case

  • Homebuilder Disputes

  • Brokerage Disputes

  • Disclosure Standards

  • Joint Venture & Partnership Disputes

  • Conflict of Interest Issues

  • Air Quality

  • Contamination

  • Land Development Issues

  • Development Constraint Issues

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Land Acquisition Analysis

  • Molds & Fungus

  • Soil & Water Contamination

  • Sound Quality

  • Surveying

  • Tree Root Damage

  • Tree Safety

  • Standard of Care Issues

  • Industry Customs & Practices

  • Fiduciary Duties

  • LLC Operating Agreements

  • Project Management Issues

  • Entitlement Issues & Constraints

  • GPA & Zoning Issues

Real Estate Experts At LITILI

  • Commercial Real Estate Expert

  • Residential Real Estate Expert

  • Municipal Real Estate Expert

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