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Benefits Of A Product Liability Expert

Our product liability experts are experienced in issues involving product design, consumer products safety, and consumer products warnings. These experts provide knowledge and reports concerning product testing, product defects, or product failure. A product liability specializes in using statistical methods to assist in risk assessment in order to predict the appropriate performance of a consumer product in the marketplace.

What Questions A Product Liability Expert Can Answer

  • Was the product improperly used?

  • Was the product itself modified for use in a way that resulted in the failure?

  • Are the details of the accident consistent with the physical evidence?

  • Was the manufacturer neglectful in their design of product?

  • Had the product been properly maintained as specified by the manufacturer?

  • Were the materials used in constructing the product flawed in some way?

  • Was the product properly designed to all current standards and regulations?

  • Can we determine more accidents like this would have occurred?

Product Liability Experts At LITILI

  • Consumer Product Warnings

  • Consumer Product Safety

  • Product Defects

  • Product Recalls

  • Consumer Protection Claims

  • Product Liability Limits

  • Manufacturing Defects

  • Implied Warranties

  • Express Warranties

  • Warranty Claims

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