As an expert with LITILI, you will be assured quality, professional service

throughout your work on each case.

At Litigation Legal Insight, we provide assistance to

insurance agencies, attorneys and experts every step of the way.

This includes setting up appointments and trial dates, indexing,

and facilitating any matters in between.

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By joining Litigation Legal Insight’s expert witness directory, you receive exposure to potential clients and new cases. We encourage any inquiring parties to fill out our contact form so we may reach out and connect you to the appropriate clients!

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We accept professionals from a variety of fields and guarantee we have a place for your expertise in our database.

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Expert Services


Legal Support

Our primary goal is to offer legal support services in the form of organizing and analyzing

case documentation as well as connecting professionals to experts.

If called upon as an expert witness for LITILI you may be asked to conduct

courtroom presentations, analyze relevant documents, and provide your expert opinion

either in court or behind the scenes.


Every case is unique. Therefore we tailor our support services expressly for each client.

Litigation Legal Insight provides cost effective legal services in Los Angeles and throughout

the rest of the United States. We connect our experts to the right clients the first time.

We believe good organization and communication brings about effective client representation.

This is why LITILI is one of the premier expert witness directories in Los Angeles.

We understand what it takes to connect our clients and experts.

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Legal Insight

Each year litigation support technology changes and evolves. We strive to help our clients stay ahead of the curve by effective collecting, organizing, processing, analyzing and assisting expert presentation of the facts.

Litigation Legal Insight can help insurance agencies, attorneys, and professionals maneuver through the complicated process of evaluating your options before determining how to best meet the needs of your specific case.


Why We're Great >

Why We're Great >

Expert Witness

for Litigation

Our expert witnesses specialize in clarifying complicated case specific terminology when laymen’s knowledge is not enough. Expert witnesses are often utilized by attorneys or insurance agencies to review a case and help determine whether a claim has truth.

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LITILI Experts

have a variety of uses

Some of our experts may help determine why an incident occurred, while others may be asked to assist an attorney in determining the extent of damages sustained. An expert witness can provide their opinion on a variety of issues not limited to factors such as the loss of a job or earning potential as it relates to a specific case.

Our experts help analyze the case and then offer a variety of explanations in order to assist attorneys in forming sound conclusions.


Why We're Great >

Why We're Great >

Litigation Services

We understand that the judicial process can be a challenging undertaking. Because of the complicated nature that is the Law, at Litigation Legal Insight we offer specialized litigation support services created to meet the needs of insurance agencies and attorneys all across the country. Litigation Legal Insight saves you time, money, and from the struggle of having to locate your own expert.

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All of our experts are extremely committed and qualified with the latest technologies in their specific industries. Many have extensive experience in a courtroom, while others split their time between consulting and their professional practice.  


We maintain a detailed

variety of experts from

multitude of backgrounds

Why We're Great >

Why We're Great >

Become an

expert witness

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