Our environmental experts can offer consultation services on a number of issues involving environmental science, including: health, safety, and forensic analysis. LITILI environmental experts may also contribute expert testimony regarding EPA regulations and the National Environmental Protection Act. We guarantee all of our experts have the formal education, training, and professional experience required to assist with your unique case.

Why work with us?

Our experts take the role of a teacher when giving testimony. They understand that their findings and conclusions must be delivered clearly, yet simply. Their job is to translate complicated terminology into layman’s terms so that the judge and jury can easily process the information and make educated decisions based on their findings.

Air Quality



Expert witness and consultants are integral to air quality and pollution cases. These experts must be credentialed. An expert’s credibility is one of their most basic contribution to your case. We have specific experts for each field of environmental science. Our air quality experts have worked with state air quality departments and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We work with certified meteorologists who have extensive experience assisting air quality and meteorological monitoring networks. If your case is construction based we have experts that can address air quality issues such as fungal contamination, hazardous materials, ventilation issues, and even respiratory concerns.

Tree Root


and Tree Safety

Our experts have extensive backgrounds in agriculture, arboriculture, landscaping, horticulture, plant pathology, ecology and other related fields. Trees are a part of our natural environment and humans have continued to build around them for hundreds of years. So tree root damage and tree safety have been common concerns in our society for some time.

We work with professionals who understand the environmental standards they must comply with in relation to the natural environment. When working on a case involving trees it is imperative you hire only the most qualified expert. We partner with a wide variety of environmental experts for this exact reason.

No matter what the problem: root damage (commercial or residential) or fallen tree injury, we have the professionals who can help your case today.



Environmental statutes contain requirements for the reporting of certain situations. If this is the case, it is imperative that the right expert is hired. Ideally, attorneys should pursue an expert who understand the legal obligations to report certain environmental information and who knows the penalties for reporting false information or for not reporting these issues at all.

Litigation regarding environmental and natural resources almost always requires the service of an expert. Experts can be helpful for both testifying at trial, but also for case analysis and interpretation. An environmental consultant is invaluable because of their ability to advise lawyers on complex scientific and regulatory concerns.

Our experts can assist in developing case strategy by:


  1. Analyzing & Modeling Case Data

  2. Educating & Training Attorneys

  3. Researching & Performing Experiments


Your expert selection process should begin as soon as possible. Once retained expert consultants can begin to review case notes, technical data, and relevant environmental laws and regulations. 

We recommend starting quickly. The more time you spend with your expert the sooner you can adjust the case’s focus to the real issues at hand.

  • Air Quality

  • Contamination

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Flood Damage

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Irrigation

  • Molds and Fungus

  • Soil and Water Contamination

  • Sound Quality

  • Surveying

  • Tree Root Damage

  • Tree Safety

  • Forestry

  • Meteorology

  • Geology & Geography

  • Mapping

  • Flood Damage

  • Underwater Inspection

  • Hazardous Materials

At LITILI we do all the research for you. We do a complete review of all our expert’s qualifications as well as review his/her preceding publications, depositions, and trial testimony. Review a brief list of our experts below and contact us today for a complete consultation.