Business expert witnesses and consultants may testify on cases involving business valuation, such as lost profits, loss of earnings, and goodwill impairment. Our experts may also assist your case regarding business appraisal, taxes, and advertising. These business experts have the qualifications to help you build your case from behind the scenes or they can deliver expert witness testimony in court.



A tax expert witness must possess the expertise to properly evaluate various financial situations. Our tax experts are available to help you gain insight into a variety of fields including: federal tax services, bookkeeping, international accounting, business & personal property valuation, and auditing to name a few fields.

Taxes are based in finance, therefore some of our tax expert witnesses have experience as certified public accountants (CPAs). These experts have worked in the tax field and can help you navigate complex lawsuits comprising of tax rebate disputes, tax resolution, tax audit penalties, tax settlements, 401(k) plans, torts, and any other problems involving the (IRS) internal revenue service (IRS).

Advertising Expert

Advertising can be a complicated field. As with any business, there are a set of standards and regulations that must be followed in order to advertise to consumers. Any failure to uphold industry standards may result in violations of which can lead to lawsuits for false advertising or various other legal matters. Our experts understand that issues involving product or service endorsement can result in cases revolving around copyright & trademark infringement or any other claim of unfair and deceitful business practices.

Advertising lawsuits vary considerably depending on the claim and field involved. This is why we do all the work in finding you the right expert with the appropriate background for your specific case.

Securities and SEC


Securities expert witnesses are financial specialists. At LITILI, LLC we have partnered with professionals in an array of fields like: securities law attorneys, public accountants, and forensic accountants who each have a thorough understanding of the regulations and industry practices of securitizations. These practices are constructed to protect investors in the acquisition and sale of notes, stocks, and bonds.


LITILI experts can assist in cases regarding financial auditing, fraud prevention, tax planning and compliance. They may also work with attorneys in forming litigation strategy and evidence analysis.

If you find yourself with a securities case only the most experienced consultants should be pursued. If you are working with hedge funds, securities selections, or portfolio management you need a professional with very specific qualifications. 




 The experts who have partnered with LITILI, LLC have experience in a range of different business fields. Our experts can aid in cases involving:

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Business Tax

  • Breach of Contract

  • Partnerships

  • SEC Filing & Securities

  • Contract Disputes

  • Collection Disputes

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Shareholder & Partnership Dispute

  • Bankruptcy

  • Banking

  • Embezzlement

  • Insurance

  • Product Development

  • Wage Disputes

  • Contact our team for a full list.




Litili Group Experts are available to help determine the two important issues of any accident reconstruction: Causation and Avoidance.  Need help determining what factors contributed to the cause of the incident? Could the accident have been avoided or prevented? In most litigated traffic collision cases these are the ultimate issues that need to be addressed and considered.

In order to make intelligent, fair and reasonable conclusions about causation, avoidance, and liability it is always necessary to rely on the expertise of an experienced accident reconstruction expert.

Most importantly, our experts can help legal counsel make a determination whether driver error and/or other human factors were significant contributing factors.