Accident Reconstruction Experts

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Benefits Of An Accident Reconstruction Expert

LITILI accident reconstruction experts help determine the two important issues of any accident reconstruction: causation and avoidance. Our accident reconstruction expert collects and analyzes available evidence to determine what happened in the accident and how it occurred and whether the accident could have been avoided. Our experts testify on cases that involve post-collision fires, vehicle rollovers, restraint system defects, collision severity, impact speeds, and seat belt & airbag defects. Accident reconstruction experts help legal counsel make a determination whether driver error and/or other human factors were significant contributing factors.

When An Accident Reconstruction Expert Is Key To Building Your Case

  • Injury Causation

  • Brake & Airbag Performance

  • Biomechanics

  • Product Liability

  • Human Factors

Accident Reconstruction Experts At LITILI

  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction

  • Product Liability

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