Scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions during collisions.

Traffic accident reconstruction is the processes of collecting and analyzing available evidence to determine what happened in the accident and how it occurred. Our experts testify in the area of accident reconstruction on cases that involve: post-collision fires, vehicle rollovers, restraint system defects, collision severity, and impact speeds to list off a few.

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witnesses may provide reports ranging from collision speed to seat belt & airbag defects.




Accident reconstruction is often used to answer liability questions. Our experts use the results of the reconstruction to explain causation (why the accident happened) and avoidance (how it could have been prevented). Accident reconstruction can also help an expert form a foundational explanation for other technical issues such as:

A product liability expert should be able to help you answer the following questions:

  • Injury causation

  • Brake and airbag performance

  • Biomechanics (The analysis of the actions of force on the body)

  • Product liability

  • Human factors

NOTE: Regardless of the particular issues involved in a specific case, an accident reconstruction expert must possess a combination of special training, formal education, and hands on case experience.

Accident Scene Analysis

Vehicle & Scene Inspections

Litili Group Experts use information and data gathered from scene inspections to form expert opinions regarding: time, speed, vehicle position, and momentum analysis of the vehicles involved in the collision.

Experts gather information from a variety of different aspects. Those include:

  • The vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • Year the vehicle was manufactured

  • Model of vehicle

  • Optional Equipment

  • Damage

  • Seat position

  • Air bag deployment or non-deployment

Complications in Accident Recreation

Accident recreation can quickly become a complicated process when crash data must be analyzed. Collision data may include: number of traffic lanes and lane widths, lane orientations, slope, traffic control devices, sightlines, sight obstructions, and artificial lighting sources.

This is when you need to secure the best expert available.

Scene analysis can include geometrically reconstructing the collision scene through computer simulations and computer animation. These geometric computer reconstructions also play an important role in making complicated calculations and in considering human factors contributing to accident causation.




Litili Group Experts are available to help determine the two important issues of any accident reconstruction: Causation and Avoidance.  Need help determining what factors contributed to the cause of the incident? Could the accident have been avoided or prevented? In most litigated traffic collision cases these are the ultimate issues that need to be addressed and considered.

In order to make intelligent, fair and reasonable conclusions about causation, avoidance, and liability it is always necessary to rely on the expertise of an experienced accident reconstruction expert.

Most importantly, our experts can help legal counsel make a determination whether driver error and/or other human factors were significant contributing factors.