LITIGATION LEGAL INSIGHT is a growing database of experts becoming one of the largest resources in the industry.

At LITILI we will skillfully service all of your expert needs from scheduling,

to the conclusion of your case. We have experts in a multitude of specialties, including Medical, Real Estate, Business Law, Engineering, Construction,

Product Liability, Environmental Law and much more.

Our recruiting specialists are consistently assessing the right expert(s) for your case.

If LITILI does not have the expert for your case, our recruiting team will search for your needs at no cost or obligation to you or your firm.


LITILI will make the process efficient and effortless when your

case needs a qualified, certified forensic expert to support your case.

Our litigation support team maintains a comprehensive database of

expert witnesses and we verify and stay up to date on their certifications.


Our litigation support team assists in scheduling ensure the experts are available for legal appointments and that reports are filed in a timely manner

through the conclusion of your case.

Law practices of all sizes – from single-attorney firms to

large organizations, such as the FTC, EEOC, Attorney General Offices, and all branches of the U.S. Military – rely on our pool of expert witnesses.



In many cases, information may be too specific for a court to sift through without the help of an expert witness. An expert has the ability explain how the relevant issues relate to and can be applied to the case. The type of insight an expert can offer an attorney improves their understanding of the exact technical issues surrounding the case.


This is extremely beneficial for attorneys and insurance companies, as it assists their legal counsel in determining the best way for presenting a successful case.


Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Litigation Legal Insight has been gradually rising as the most respected expert witness directory in Southern California. We offer expert witness services to clients both within Los Angeles and to those residing in other states.


Litigation Legal Insight services law practices of all sizes – from single-attorney firms to large organizations. We can connect you to experts in a variety of fields because we understand the process better than anyone.

These are the things our client’s value and we work hard to meet their expectations. A consultation with select experts to determine their expertise is at no charge or obligation. So is continuous recruitment by our team until an expert is located who meets the exact requirements of your case.

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