What Role Can an Expert Play in a Case Surrounding Toxicology?

Toxicologist Testing chemicals for trialToxicology is the study of how chemicals break down in or otherwise interact with the human body. There is a wide range of benefits to working with an expert witness on cases surrounding toxicology. Toxicologists are particularly important as expert witnesses in cases regarding the use or effect of chemicals, specifically pertaining to how they alter human behavior or otherwise harm someone.

In such circumstances, expert witnesses will generally include medical professionals, environmental scientists, and chemists who specialize in toxicology. Some toxicologists may even have doctoral degrees in toxicology.

While toxicologists can serve a variety of functions with regard to a case, they tend to be underutilized by attorneys who are unaware of the many applications of their wide-ranging field. Below, we explore a variety of roles that a toxicologist expert may play in terms of supporting an attorney’s case.

Explanation of Toxic Processes

Experts in toxicology are particularly adept at explaining the complexities of the manner in which toxic substances interact with the human body. This complicated science is often beyond the understanding of scientists and medical professionals who do not specialize in toxicology. Thus, these experts can be essential to making the details of an attorney’s case understandable.

Civil Cases Involving Introduction of a Chemical

Toxicology experts can determine the exact causes of a chemical-based injury. If an injury is caused by having ingested or inhaled a particular substance, a toxicology expert may be called upon to test which substance is the cause and to testify to this finding in court. This strategy is particularly efficacious in civil cases.

Cases Involving Chemical Burn or Allergic Reaction

In addition to ingesting or inhaling a chemical, persons may be injured due to direct contact with substances. In such situations, attorneys may call upon toxicology experts to demonstrate the manner in which an injury occurred.

Criminal Cases Involving the Determination of Cause of Death or Bodily Harm

Whether ruling out or proving that a chemical has caused bodily harm or death, toxicology experts are often essential to the success of criminal cases. Not only can they determine that a substance was the cause of death or bodily harm, but these experts can further demonstrate which chemical is to blame for such harm.

Cases Involving People Working or Driving Under the Influence or Intoxicated

Perhaps the best known use of toxicology experts is for cases in which people were working or driving while under the influence or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. The toxicology expert will explain the manner in which the metabolism works with regard to these substances, proving either that a defendant was or was not under the influence or intoxicated at the purported time.

Medical Expert ResearchHow to Find a Toxicology Expert Witness

Toxicology expert witnesses are essential to the success of a wide variety of legal cases. Using a qualified toxicology expert will provide you with the insight that you need from the onset to the conclusion of your case. Our litigation support team takes care of: finding the right expert for your case, coordinating with the expert around your schedule, and are available for support until the case is concluded. Contact Litigation Legal Insight today and get connected to a medical expert now.