Spine Expert Witness & Testimony

A spine specialist is sought after when litigation involves a serious spine injury. Spine injuries are extremely dangerous because in a worst case scenario a spinal injury can result in a life long disability. The preparation for a spinal cord injury case is often extensive. Because of the complex nature of this injury, spine experts are often brought on for consultation services and as expert witnesses. Spine experts have experience working in the medical field and can provide professional counsel concerning:

  • Physical medicine rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Neurological surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Endoscopic spinal surgery

Experience Is Key

Spine experts have training treating various injuries and conditions. Our medical experts have experience with cases relating to personal injury, nerve injury, traumatic brain injury (T.B.I.), back trauma & pain, along with similar types of conditions. As with most litigation surrounding medical issues, spine expert witnesses may be asked to give their opinion on instances of medical malpractice. For example, this would include cases where the wrong medication was prescribed resulting in injury or if any errors were made during a spinal surgery procedure.

Spine Injuries in the Workplace

Spine-related injuries are a common occurrence in workplace environments. This is why we have also partnered with medical professionals who are informed with workers compensation claims and issues of liability. Spine injuries can result from various types of trauma, including from both nerve and brain injuries. Spinal injuries often require physical therapy or surgery, which can be quite expensive.

Those who have suffered a serious spine injury must overcome serious obstacles. 

  1. Loss of Earning Capacity: Those injured, who retained some functioning of their upper body, may be able to work but find that it is typically at lower positions for less pay. In some cases they may never be able to work full time again. In this situation, a vocational expert may be brought on to determine how much money you will lose over the course of a lifetime because of your injury.
  2. Life Care Costs: People who have suffered spinal cord injuries may require different degrees of care throughout their lives. This can range from weekly physical therapy, to a full-time nurse.
  3. Pain and Suffering: The lifetime pain and suffering of a spine injury must also be taken into consideration. This can be almost as expensive as loss of earning capacity.

The reasons above are just an example of how important a spine expert is to this type of litigation. Insurance agencies and attorneys must be prepared with the most experienced medical professionals if they wish to have a successful case.

Spine Surgery Expert Witness Testimony

Spine Injury Consulting

Special consulting for these cases can provide valuable information. Our experts have worked in the medical field treating pain management and performing physical medicine rehabilitation. They have experience with assistive technology, osteopathic and sports medicine. When litigation surrounds spine surgery we can connect you with experts who have performed neurological surgery and orthopedic surgery throughout their career. At Litigation Legal Insight we have life care planners, nurse consultants, and vocational rehabilitation professionals that can testify in court to each issue as it deals with your case.

We can also connect your team to professionals working as rehabilitation counselors, since spinal injuries may leave a patient in need of long-term care.

Any injury to the spine can result in a variety of different medical issues. As mentioned above, sometimes these injuries can be life altering. This is why it is imperative the right spinal expert is hired. These experts should have a strong background in medical science and be specialized in spine care.

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