Securities Expert Witness & Testimony

Securities expert witnesses are specialists with an expertise in financial and securities lawsuits. They may hold positions such as public accountant, securities attorney, or even a forensic accountant. They are experts in translating the standards that have been designed to protect investors. This includes the process of purchasing and selling stocks, bonds, notes, and any involvement in profit sharing agreements. A securities expert should also have extensive experience dealing with cases that involve interests in gas, oil, and other mineral rights.

A securities expert may be hired to aid litigation involving the fiduciary duties of a securities broker, internal or external fraud audits, or CPA malpractice. Our experts offer consultation services in fraud prevention, financial auditing and compliance. Our securities experts have trial experience, can offer litigation strategy, and help calculate damages.

Our securities experts have a vast area of expertise. We can match attorneys and insurance agencies with experienced consultants who have experience within the different fields of securities.

At Litigation Legal Insight we have many specialists within our directory. We have professionals who have experience with:

  • Hedge funds
  • Securities selections
  • Portfolio management
  • Asset-backed securities (ABS)
  • Mortgage-backed securities (MBS)
  • Asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP)
  • Structured investment vehicles (SIVs)

When involved in complex litigation in the financial industry, hiring an expert witness is extremely important. Securities are representations of a financial asset. They most often take the form of an investment which includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds & hedge funds, options, or due diligence. As is common with most financially based lawsuits, the details can become convoluted, so locating the right securities expert should become an integral piece to your case’s success.

Securities Fraud Experts

Securities fraud is the illegal process of persuading others to make financial investments with false information. In these cases you will need an expert who can provide insight into matters such as financial investigation, financial valuation, investment banking, corporate securities, and accounting.

Our fraud experts have experience with shareholder/partnership disputes, embezzlement, auditing, acquisitions, credit analysis, and taxation among other related areas.

When you need a qualified, certified forensic expert to support your case as an expert witness, let Litigation Legal Insight make the process effortless. We maintain an updated, comprehensive database of expert witnesses in securities and securities fraud. Our experts are also available to support litigation nationwide.

When working with LITILI, you will find yourself working with an organization that goes above and beyond to assist you during litigation.

Our litigation support team takes care of: finding the right expert for your case, coordinating with the expert around your schedule, and are available for support until the case is concluded.

Law practices of all sizes rely on our pool of expert witnesses and we have yet to let a client down. Contact our team today for a free consultation!