Radiology Expert Witness & Testimony

Radiography is the process of making radiographs, or images of tissues and organs of the internal structures of the body. Radiography is an imaging technique that is utilized by medical professionals to identify and treat medical conditions. Radiology is a medical specialty that can be broken into two parts, one being Diagnostic Radiology and the other Therapeutic Radiology. Therapeutic Radiology is also known as radiation therapy and is the treatment of cancer and other diseases with radiation. Diagnostic Radiology is the use of diagnostic imaging techniques to narrow down the causes of an injury or illness. X-rays, for example, are used in Diagnostic Radiology often. Radiologists are useful in litigation matters surrounding x-ray image analysis and medical malpractice claims.

Our radiology experts have dedicated their careers to the field of radiology. They have experience with:

  • Medical Imaging
  • Radiation Physics
  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • Radiographic Procedures
  • Pulmonary Infiltration & Tuberculosis

A radiology expert can analyze x-ray films to determine if there has been negligence in medical care. If requested, they can also produce written reports of their findings. These experts can offer consultation services concerning proper ultrasound positioning, standard of care and instrument training. If your case revolves around improper use of an ultrasound machine, a radiography expert witness can provide expert testimony highlighting any mistakes made.

Radiology Professionals

Radiology In The Workplace

The expertise of our experts includes positions such general radiologist, pediatric radiologist, neuroradiologist,  teleradiologist and even to those specializing in orthopedic radiography. We are connected to experts who have held institutional positions and who have the highest qualifications in medical radiography.

We partner with radiology professionals who are members of well respected organizations such as the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Radiologists can work in a variety of locations ranging from large hospitals to rural physician offices. This is because their profession allows for them to be placed in different medical fields depending on their expertise. When you have a medical case connected to improper use of ultrasound or x-ray equipment, you will more than likely be requiring the assistance of someone who specializes in radiology.

Medical Professionals & Expert Testimony

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The Litili support team assists in scheduling, ensuring the experts are available for legal appointments. A consultation with select experts to determine their expertise is at no charge or obligation. If you seek an expert that is not in the Litili database, their team of dedicated professionals will recruit an expert who meets the exact requirements of your case.