There may come a time during a trial when an expert witness becomes crucial in influencing the verdict of your case. When selecting an expert witness, Litigation Legal Insight utilizes their years of knowledge and their extensive directory of expert witnesses to select the perfect witness to add credibility to your case.

Who Is An Expert Witness?

The most common expert witnesses tend to be professionals (degreed or not) that are qualified by their extensive experience and background. Their knowledge base extends beyond “common knowledge” and serves as “teacher” to attorneys, judges, and jurors. Often times, they play a critical role in the verdict. It is necessary to obtain a witness that is not only persuasive and has a polished delivery but is also seasoned in litigation.
Academic experts tend to be the ideal communicators because of their classroom experience, but their availability can be limited; whereas a professional from a consulting firm has availability conducive for necessary preparation and trial dates. Hiring an expert for your case means that they will be less likely to be blindsided under cross-examination, are dedicated to the issue, and their testimony is more credible in the eyes of the jurors.

Who Is A Consultant?

A consultant’s role is slightly different than an expert witness’ role; however, consultants can be equally crucial to your case. Finding a good consultant early on can teach you whether or not an expert witness’ testimony will be beneficial to your case. A consultant’s greatest value could be determining if litigation for a potential lawsuit is possible. Furthermore, they will be able to estimate the cost of prosecution or defense and determine the chance of success. You can hire an expert to act as a consultant, one that can spot defenses, prepare a complaint, and review materials.

Finding An Expert

Litigation Legal Insight (LITILI) is an ideal resource for finding an expert witness. LITILI has taken the time to speak with each of their carefully vetted expert witnesses and can help you find the perfect one to add integrity to your case. Using LITILI will not only get you a quality witness for your case but can also add insight into your case that may have otherwise been overlooked. It is always a good idea to meet face to face with your expert with before the trial date.


Today, issues going to trial are increasingly more complex and the demand for expert witnesses is growing. Lawyers are calling on expert witnesses more than ever to testify to help influence a case. Both the defense and prosecution must disclose a list of witnesses prior to testimony in order to avoid sandbagging; if an expert is not listed then their testimony can be excluded. They may also be excluded if the witness is not prepared or present when called upon. It is important to make sure that the expert witness does not just analyze something. As part of their preparation, they should know the issues and how to use them in reports. The key to an invaluable expert is their ability to communicate effectively.

About Litigation Legal Insight

Litigation Legal Insight (LITILI) has a growing database of expert witnesses that includes experts from the fields of real estate, medical, construction, engineering, environmental law, and product liability. Their recruiting specialists will assign the ideal expert to your case. They will also assist in scheduling to make sure that your witness will be thoroughly prepared and ready for the trial date.