Psychology Expert Witness

Psychologists are frequently sought after as expert witnesses in lawsuits. A psychology expert may be called upon to perform a psychological assessment in order to determine whether an individual has the competency to proceed to trial. The courts will also permit psychologists to testify as witnesses of fact concerning clients they have treated and may even allow them to give their expert opinion, as long as it is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of their clients. While the courts may be especially critical of testimony from a psychologist concerning their patient, they may still permit testimony on a limited basis. Mental evaluations given by psychologist experts may assist counsel in determining if an individual is overstating their symptoms, which would be extremely useful if a claim had been made against an employer, those involved in an accident, or against others involved within the lawsuit.

There are many other types of litigation relevant to psychology where expert witness testimony may be especially useful. Psychologists are often hired as expert witnesses for cases such as:

  • Family Counseling
  • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.)
  • Addictions Medicine
  • Substance Abuse
  • Psychotherapy
  • Emotional Distress
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Disability Evaluations
  • Child Psychology

Professional Medical Counsel

Psychologists are sought after to provide expert testimony, a task requiring specialist knowledge, skills and judgement. Any psychologist or psychiatrist who can provide factual information to assist a court in understanding a medical issue (related to their experience and profession) can be asked to testify as an expert witness. Strictly speaking no witness is entitled to express opinions as the forming of opinions is the function of the court. However, there are occasions where courts lack the knowledge to form an opinion and will look to expert witnesses for guidance. The weight given to the opinions of these expert witnesses is determined on a case by case basis by the courts with reference to all the facts and opinions available to them.

Psychiatry Expert Witness

Psychiatrists are medical professionals who provide diagnosis and medical treatment regarding a person’s mental health. In litigation matters, psychiatrists are frequently sought after as expert witnesses for:

  • Emotional Distress Concerns
  • Mental Disorders
  • Healthcare Insurance Coverage
  • Medication Side Effects
  • Issues Related to Treatment

Psychiatry expert witnesses are able to provide expert opinion to assist in analyzing factors in determining validity of a claim.

Psychiatry experts may offer their expertise on court cases that concern mental health or emotional state, as mental trauma often results from litigation involving accidents, financial concerns, and discrimination to name a few issues. Because psychiatry has a wide variety of specialties within the field, you need to be sure to pursue the right psychiatry expert witnesses with the specific background for your case. For cases involving children, an expert should be pursued with a background in child and adolescent psychiatry or in the case of an injury an expert should be pursued with a background in pain management.

Litigation & Expert Witness Services

At LITILI, LLC we have a variety of psychiatry experts from a multitude of backgrounds such as: neuropsychiatry, neuroscience and human behavior, neurology, child psychiatry, pharmacology, geriatric psychiatry, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and neurophysiology to name a few. At Litigation Legal Insight we can connect you to forensic psychologists who can assess a defendant’s competence to stand trial. Our forensic psychologists are able to translate psychological information into a legal framework as well as answer questions not just concerning psychology, but also those revolving around the legal system.

When you need a qualified, certified forensic expert to support your case as an expert witness, let Litigation Legal Insight make the process painless. At LITLI we maintain an updated, comprehensive database of expert witnesses in Medicine, Real Estate, Business Law, Engineering, Construction, Product Liability and Environmental Law. Our experts are available to support litigation nationwide.