Orthopedic Expert Witness and Testimony

At Litigation Legal Insight, we are able to connect attorneys and insurance agencies to a wide variety of orthopedic experts and orthopedic surgeons to assist in technical litigation matters. Orthopedics surgeons are specialized medical personnel that must complete an undergraduate program and four years of medical school, multiple years of orthopedic surgery training, and a year of technical education in general surgery, internal medicine, or pediatrics. The foundation of orthopedic surgical training revolves around the treatment of fractures. Because of the extensive amount of schooling required to become an orthopedic expert, we pride ourselves on having the ability to connect orthopedic professionals to the right cases.

Orthopedics at Work

Orthopedic professionals may advise our clients with regard to wrist injuries, hand surgery, elbow and shoulder surgery, foot and ankle surgery, pediatric orthopedics, and even joint reconstruction. Our orthopedic expert witnesses may also testify during trial as to hip replacement surgery, rotator cuff tendons, scoliosis, spine and shoulder injuries, or any other related issues.

The medical field of orthopedics has many subspecialties, all of which Litili can assist you with. For example, we are connected with orthopedic experts that have years of experience as orthopedic surgeons in rehabilitation therapy and sports medicine. Some experts work specifically in the care and treatment of swimmer’s shoulder or impingement syndrome while others practice occupational medicine, or rheumatology.

Litigation Legal Insight’s medical experts have assisted attorneys in litigation surrounding standard of care, medical malpractice, rehabilitation concerns, and even in workers’ compensation cases.

Orthopedic Doctor evaluating patient

Expert Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeon experts may be utilized to provide testimony and guidance in cases surrounding musculoskeletal medical problems. An orthopedic surgeon may also provide an independent medical exams, especially in cases that deal with lengthy procedures.

Musculoskeletal injuries vary, as do the causes of those injuries. Therefore, orthopedic surgeons rely on their years of training to properly diagnose and treat their patients. It is fairly routine for these surgeons to treat injuries ranging from car accidents, to sports and workplace events. In some situations an orthopedic expert may even be hired to treat a trip and fall injury. The treatments rendered for orthopedic injuries vary, but usually range from surgery to physical therapy.

Orthopedic Litigation

It is when a person does not recovery after treatment and surgery that legal actions may be pursued. When this is the situation, we highly recommend any attorneys and insurance agencies to consult with an experienced orthopedic expert to assist in case evaluation and with any liability claims.

When dealing with litigation surrounding a medical issue, Litili highly recommends hiring an expert within that field.

For example, workplace injuries resulting in a disability usually require medical experts to assist in determining the extent of the injury, including both possible treatments and the evaluation of any long-term effects resulting from said injury. During this phase, disputes are common. Most disputes arise when workers compensation has been denied or when treatments pre-approved by the patient’s physicians have not been approved. This is when an orthopedic surgeon’s outside opinion is extremely valuable.

An expert witness can be the difference between winning or losing an accident injury or medical malpractice case. At Litili we make it our top priority to match you with the right expert witness for your case.  We have helped hundreds of attorneys and insurance companies find the right experts for their cases. Do not delay, fill out a free evaluation form now!