Expert Nurse Consultants and Testimony

At Litigation Legal Insight, or Litili, we partner with nurses and doctors who are available for expert testimony, consultations, and a variety of other legal matters. Our nurse consultants are able to provide support services concerning a variety of litigation resulting from medical negligence, patient rehabilitation, medical record investigation, and emergency care management. When hiring a nurse consultant, they should be able to give an expert opinion on a range of medical topics depending upon their expertise.

Legal Nurse Consultants

Not all registered nurses have the same background and technical training. The nursing field is filled with different types of registered nurses, each serving a specific purpose in the healthcare of their patients.

For example, emergency nurses are trained specifically for emergency situations where a patient is experiencing severe trauma or injury. An emergency nurse has the discipline to recognize life-threatening situations and the training to help solve them on the spot.

Emergency nurses may work in ambulances, hospital emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and even helicopters.

Other nursing experts may have worked as family practitioners, which involves serving a family as a primary healthcare provider under a doctor. All of our nursing experts have been properly trained and have extensive experience working in the medical field.

How to locate the right Nurse

When searching for the appropriate nurse consultant or expert witness, attorneys and insurance agencies should review several factors before retaining them.

  1. Your nurse expert should have current clinical experience in the area of interest or concern.
  2. Specialty certification
  3. A strong reputation in his or her area of expertise
    1. If the nurse has published or performed integral research, it can only help their reputation and professional standing.
    2. The ability to translate technical  issues into concise, simple terminology easily understood by juries, judges, and other attorneys is also imperative.

Different Types of Nurses

Dermatology Nurse

A dermatology nurse assists their patients by focuses on treatment surrounding the skin and related issues. These types of nurses are experienced with the treatment of injuries, wounds, and diseases of the skin. Their job responsibilities include recording detailed patient health histories, routine examinations and screening for skin issues such as skin cancer.

Dermatology nurses may also counsel patients on the appropriate diet, skin care, and additional methods of controlling skin problems.

Case Management Nurse

Case Management Nurses have a different job than nurses who work in emergency situations. These types of nurses organize long-term health care for their patients. A case management nurse focuses on treating their patients and keeping them healthy over the long term. Case management nurses work with specific groups of patients and can specialize in treating people with diseases or patients of certain age groups.

Ophthalmic Nurse

An Ophthalmic Nurse evaluates and treats patients with a variety of eye disorders and injuries. This can include blindness, astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and glaucoma. An ophthalmic nurse can also perform patient assessments before eye surgery. Ophthalmic nurses help in positioning patients for surgery as well as assist in verifying the surgical site for the eye operation. These types of nurses may work in eye care centers, private clinics, and hospitals.

Perinatal Nurse

Perinatal Nurses assist women during pregnancy. These nurses educate mothers-to-be about pre-natal health and what they should expect while carrying a baby. They also teach patients on proper childbirthing options as well as how to bond with and care for the baby after it has been born. A Perinatal Nurse, will assist their patients during labor, and offer assistance should any complications arise.

Other Expert Nurses:
  • Military Nurse, Neuroscience Nurse
  • Plastic Surgery Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse
  • Rehabilitation Nurse, Toxicology Nurse
  • Reproductive Nurse, Supplemental Nurse
  • Toxicology Nurse
Nurse Consultant

Nurse and Medical Expert Witness

Legal nurse consultants perform activities such as organizing medical records, researching appropriate literature, reviewing case records and sometimes assisting while the attorneys attempt to formulate questions to be asked during depositions or at trial. While in most cases, legal nurse consultants do not testify in court, at LITILI, LLC we also work with medical expert witnesses who have experience testifying at trial and can give expert opinion if called upon to do so.

Whether you have hired a nurse consultant or an expert witness both roles require adaptability. Depending on the case, your consultant or expert witness will need to arrange and review technical documents relatively quickly. An expert nurse witness must also be qualified to appear at a deposition and trial when subpoenaed. Therefore, regardless of whether you need a consultant or expert witness, it is essential you seek only the most reputable and knowledgeable nurses possible.