Expert Medical Witness Service

In many legal cases, an expert testimony is needed to establish evidence regarding matters requiring technical or specialized knowledge. This is especially true when the case requires a complex understanding of a specific field of medicine.

Medical expert witnesses are expected to examine facts (medical records), prepare written statements/reports, and to give expert testimony before the court. Depending on the case and the jurisdiction, the opinions of a medical expert may be based on academic studies, their personal experience working in a specified field, or even medical publications they participated in.

You can receive medical expert witness testimony from just about any field of medicine. Depending on the case you may find yourself in need of a medical expert to testify concerning:
  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Disability Claims
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Mental Evaluation
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pain and Suffering evaluations
  • Addiction Problems
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Toxicology

Consult With A Medical Expert

Need a second opinion? Our medical experts are some of the most experienced professionals in their fields, and are available for consultations and more. Our medical specialists have excelled in their respective medical fields for many years, and are often sought after for these reasons and many more:

Medical consultations
Medical research analysis
Equipment training
How Soon Do You Need a Medical Expert?

Before the trial begins, plaintiffs and defendants must have chosen their experts, and disclosed the context of their testimony to the court. Many states require a medical expert’s opinion before the plaintiff can start their lawsuit.

We have Experts in most Fields of Medicine

Our Expert Panel includes medical professionals in just about every field. Below is a list of LITILI, LLC expertise:

Qualified to be a Medical Expert?

A medical professional might be regarded as a specialist through a combination of their practical and academic experience as well as through board certification. The more a case surrounds general medicine, the wider the range of doctors who can qualify as expert witnesses.

We offer comprehensive support services. Our litigation support team assists in scheduling, and ensures that the experts are available for legal appointments until the case is concluded. This is done to eliminate the anxiety and stress that can come with a serious trial.

For New Experts:

Looking to become apart of our expert panel?

At LITILI we only present cases to you that are matched to your area of expertise.

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Experts on our panel…

  • Earn supplemental income
  • Accept or decline casework as they please and according to their schedule
  • Have all of their technical services taken care of from scheduling to the conclusion of the case
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