How Can an Expert Assist with Medical Research?

Medical information is often too complicated or specific for a court to sift through without the help of a medical expert witness. While medical experts generally address issues related to standards of care, ethical standards, and negligence, they can also use their medical expertise to help with medical research.

This type of expert witness, also known as a medical research expert witness, works with the attorney to produce new knowledge or to confirm previous findings related to a case. This may involve investigating or verifying the medical facts related to issues like medical malpractice or environmental wrongdoing. Another issue medical researchers can assist with is toxic torts, as they can examine the documentation of the injuries sustained by the supposed victim. The same expert may then be called upon to discuss and explain this research.

Some of the benefits of utilizing a medical research expert witness include:


One of the major advantages of working with the same medical expert for courtroom testimony and medical research is the consistency that will stretch across an attorney’s case. While a medical expert can speak to a variety of medical issues in court, an expert witness who has conducted the related medical research for the case will be the utmost authority on the findings.

Building a Working Relationship

By collaborating with a medical research expert on various details of one’s case, an attorney will build a stronger working relationship with their medical expert. This means that an attorney will be more confident in developing the witness’s testimony since they will have all of the appropriate research and information. Because there will already be a working attorney-expert relationship, there will simply be fewer surprises for the attorney when it comes to the expert witness’s testimony.

Attorney Education

Once a medical research expert investigates the details concerning the case, particularly pertaining to the medical issues at hand, they will then be able to educate the attorney on those issues. The expert has the specific knowledge to explain how the relevant medical issues relate to and can be applied to the case.

This type of education can help the attorney improve their understanding of the specific technical issues surrounding the case in order to determine the best plan of action for presenting a successful case.


Working with a medical expert for research also offers attorneys the opportunity to gain their insight and expertise to help develop the theory of the case. Because the medical expert witness is directly participating in the case, they will be in a far better position to address potential inconsistencies in testimony and impeachment issues. There is thus a much greater degree of flexibility since the two persons are continuously in contact and conversation with one another.

Diversity of Applications

Medical experts are notably significant additions to cases involving malpractice and personal injury, but these professionals can provide essential research for many other types of cases, including those involving environmental exposure, public health, toxic exposure, addiction problems, and a variety of other topics. Medical professionals have a variety of scientific skills—often including a strong foundation in chemistry—that stretch across disciplines.

Medical research expert witnesses are an invaluable resource for cases that are more technical in nature. A qualified expert can lend credibility to the attorney’s narrative and improve the chances of a successful case.