Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness & Testimony

It can be easy to forget how crucial engineering is to our lives. Mechanical and civil engineers design and construct much of the infrastructure we encounter on a daily basis. Our society relies on machines and automated processes for most tasks including: manufacturing, heating/cooling, transportation, medical, and civil defense. Mechanical engineering experts help create roads, bridges and even the sewer systems beneath each town! These construction experts have shaped the world we reside within.

While mechanical engineering has shaped our world, dealing with complex systems and manufacturing procedures can result with the occasional design deficiency or flaw which can lead to legal action. To navigate the complexities of a mechanical system it takes an experienced mechanical engineer. This is why Litigation Legal Insight partners with the most qualified engineering professionals. Our experts are able to provide an objective analysis of any mechanical flaw and assist in resolving legal disputes.

Why Choose a Mechanical Engineering Expert?

A mechanical engineering expert witness can use their professional experience to advise the court on any defects the mechanical system may have suffered from. This is extremely helpful in identifying liability. Mechanical engineering is a highly specialized field and at Litili we pride ourselves on our ability to offer attorneys and insurance agencies a variety of experts in a number of different engineering disciplines.

We provide experts in:

  • Residential site development
  • Road layout
  • Electrical accidents
  • Mechanical design
  • Industrial accidents
  • Product defects
  • Commercial development
  • Collisions
  • Drainage
  • Heavy equipment
  • Manufacturing systems

Whatever the case, we offer a variety of engineering expert witnesses who can aid your case. Our expert witness directory has: industrial engineers, accident investigators, structural engineers, chemical engineers and more.

Litili maintains a one of a kind service connecting our experts, who are the most knowledgeable in their respective fields, to lawyers and insurance agencies all across the nation.

Our experts are available for consultation services and can offer their expert opinion during trial. An experienced engineering expert understands the different errors that can cause mechanical failure and can testify to such. Our experts have worked to solve issues resulting from excessive deflection, various fractures such as ductile and brittle, impact, thermal shock, corrosion, and wear.

Product Liability and Engineering

Mechanical Engineer Expert WitnessOur mechanical engineering experts also have experience in product liability, manufacturing, and accident investigation. It is not uncommon for damages caused by mechanical failure to result in class action suits and other litigation concerning product integrity. Product liability litigation may involve issues relating to medical equipment defects, part deterioration, or safety evaluations. This is why Litili engineering experts come from a variety different disciplines. We partner with engineering professionals who have worked on cases providing accident reconstruction services, system evaluations, and risk assessments.

Attorneys need to be sure that their expert has the right expertise for their case. An expert witness brought in for a product liability case should be able to identify:

  • Whether the machinery was improperly used
  • If any parts were modified that resulted in mechanical failure
  • Whether or not the manufacturer was neglectful in their design
  • If the product been properly maintained
  • Whether or not the product was properly designed by all current industry standards

Los Angeles Expert Witness Directory

At Litili, we can help instruct and carry out your investigation through case reconstruction and by matching you with the most capable experts for your situation. Whether you need consumer or highly technical expert services, we only partner with the most accomplished and professional experts to assist your case. Contact Litili today so we can help get you in contact with experts who specialize in a wide range of disciplines and who have different areas of expertise, so you can find the best product liability expert who can assist your case.