Legal Consultation Services

Litigation support teams play a key role in determining whether you win or lose your upcoming legal battle. And to be honest, all attorneys – from small law firms to large organizations – could benefit from having a few more wins under their belts. But what exactly do litigation support teams do and how exactly can they help you? Why do you need a litigation support team on your side?

Support For Your Case

Typically, litigation support teams are equipped to assist general counsel, law firms, and attorneys with complicated and difficult legal proceedings. This could involve providing expertise in complex case law, providing certified, expert witnesses, or simply providing a few extra pairs of expert hands to assist every step of the way – from pre-trial until the case is concluded. 

Here are a few common examples of how your case could benefit from litigation support services:

Radiology Expert Witness and testimonyYou Need a Qualified, Expert Witness

A litigation support team can help you find the right qualified, certified expert witness for your case, and ensure that the process is effortless and efficient. The litigation support team will coordinate the expert witness around your schedule. Litigation support teams maintain an updated and extensive database of expert witnesses across a wide variety of industries, and can organize everything for you with ease.

Get More Done

Perhaps your case involves several witnesses – too many for your own staff to depose before the trial begins; in this case, hiring extra staff will be a necessity. Using a litigation support team can limit the chance of surprise testimony. Additionally, you gain access to several industry experts at once. The litigation support team can handle the nitty-gritty tasks while you deal with the more important stuff, enabling you to get more done in less time.

Strengthen Your Case

Litigation support teams – of which expert witnesses are a key component – gather and compile vital, completely game-changing information and jury-swaying evidence such as videos and photographic evidence that will improve your case success rate.

Understand Your Case Better

Perhaps your case involves complicated jargon and technical information specific to a specialized industry. For example, if your case depends upon understanding complicated scientific data and results, you will require a team of experts who can break this information down to the basics. Litigation support teams can present this information in a way that is easy for the legal team and the rest of the courtroom to understand.

Two heads are Better than One

It often happens that trial dates are scheduled so soon that attorneys have little time to prepare their cases. When working with a litigation support team, there are more people available to build a stronger case in good time and avoid early case dismissals or defeat.

Courtroom testify

More Expertise Available

When there are high stakes involved, whether in the form of stock price or actual damages, the availability of more expertise will be extremely beneficial. A litigation support team can assist with anything and everything from examining evidence to reducing legal contingencies.

If your case requires any of the elements listed above, you are clearly in need of knowledgeable and experienced support. Don’t leave your case up to chance and a lack of specialized expertise. Hire a litigation support team today!