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In many cases, information may be too specific for a court to sift through without the help of an expert witness. An expert has the ability explain how the relevant issues relate to and can be applied to the case. The type of insight an expert can offer an attorney improves their understanding of the exact technical issues surrounding the case.

This is extremely beneficial for attorneys and insurance companies, as it assists their legal counsel in determining the best way for presenting a successful case.

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Litigation Legal Insight has been gradually rising as the most respected expert witness directory in Southern California. We offer expert witness services to clients both within Los Angeles and to those residing in other states.

Litigation Legal Insight services law practices of all sizes – from single-attorney firms to large organizations. We can connect you to experts in a variety of fields because we understand the process better than anyone.

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Los Angeles Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

Product Liability

At Litigation, Legal, Insight we work with consultants and expert witnesses who may provide expert witness testimony regarding products liability. Our liability expert consultants are experienced concerning issues involving product design, consumer products safety, and consumer products warnings. These experts may also provide knowledge and reports concerning product testing, product defects, or product failure.


construction real estate plan


Forensic engineers are specialized experts trained to investigate issues surrounding construction errors. These engineering experts conduct investigations of products, materials, structures or components that falter, fail, or do not operate or function as intended – resulting in injury or property damage. Forensic engineering investigations can be applied to any sort of project, which is why we work with a variety of engineering experts.


Engineering Expert Witness

Environmental Law

Our environmental experts can offer consultation services on a number of issues involving environmental science, including: health, safety, and forensic analysis. Our environmental experts may also contribute expert testimony regarding EPA regulations and the National Environmental Protection Act. We guarantee all of our experts have the formal education, training, and professional experience required to assist with your unique case.


Environmental Law Expert


An expert in the construction field needs to have the expertise to provide testimony regarding standards of care, construction mediation, and construction cost estimates. Depending on their knowledge and experience, construction experts may also testify on forensic construction investigations, construction defects, both general & licensed contractors, and contract disputes.

Construction Expert Witness


Medical information can sometimes be too complicated for the court to understand without the help of a medical expert witness. While medical experts generally address issues related to standards of care, ethical standards, and negligence, they can also use their medical expertise to help with medical research.

Medical Experts in Los Angeles

Real Estate

We have a network of highly qualified experts who are available for litigation and consultation services today. We are partnered with experts in a variety of different roles in the real estate field including: appraisals, developers, and general contractors to name a few. We can help you defend your case concerning any type of real estate property, no matter if it is commercial, residential or for municipal purposes.

Real Estate Expert Witness

Business Litigation

Business expert witnesses and consultants may testify on cases involving business valuation, such as lost profits, loss of earnings, and goodwill impairment. Our experts may also assist your case regarding business appraisal, taxes, and advertising. These business experts have the qualifications to help you build your case from behind the scenes or they can deliver expert witness testimony in court.

Business Litigation Experts

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