Medical Witnesses for Expert Testimony

Litigation Legal Insight has been providing attorneys, law firms, insurance companies, and insurance agents with medical expert witnesses for years. At LITILI LLC we can match you with a medical expert witness who has the experience and credentials suited to your particular case. Our expert witness directory features specialists and consultants in nearly every field of medicine including cardiology, nursing, neonatal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, traumatic brain injuries, toxicology, orthopedics and radiology to name a few. Whether the case involves personal injury, insurance claims, or worker’s compensation, we can provide you with the right medical expert witness for your case.

If you are having problems finding the right medical expert for your case, please contact our team. Our recruiting specialists will research and recruit additional medical experts, for your review, at no additional cost to you. Because our experts do not pay to be listed in our directory, we are able to continuously evaluate the expert witnesses in our network in order to ensure that we are connecting you with the most knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals in the industry.

Expert Witness Testimony

At Litigation Legal Insight, we are connected to a large network of physicians representing all major specialties nationwide. Our medical expert witnesses are expected to examine facts, prepare written statements, and to provide expert testimony before the court. Depending on the specifics of your case, the opinions of your medical expert may be based on academic studies, their personal experience, or even medical publications they helped published.

How Soon Do You Need a Medical Expert?

When the plaintiff and defendant decide to hire an expert they must disclose the substance of their testimony to the court, before trial starts. If either side fails to do so before the court’s deadline, and an expert is required, the court will decide in the other parties favor before the trial even begins. All expert witnesses must be qualified by the court before the case begins. This means if you are looking to hire a medical expert, contacting Litigation Legal Insight first is paramount.

How do they qualify an expert?

Before being called upon as an expert witness, the court will examine the witness’s credentials and professional qualifications. When this process is undergone, both legal teams examine the witness’s experience and proficiency in their field, as well as how the witness presents him or herself in court.

Federal Law 702 states that an expert opinion may be allowed if the opinion aids the court and jury, and if the expert is qualified.

Medical Experts

Who Is Qualified to Be a Medical Expert?

State rules vary as to who may testify as an expert. An expert might qualify as a specialist through their academic and practical experience, or through board certification. If your case involves general medicine, you will find the pool of doctors to be larger as many will have the experience and training necessary to be deemed an expert witness.

When selecting an expert witness, many attorneys favor years of formal education and specialized licenses or degrees, although these are not the only requirements. Attorneys primarily look at an expert witness’s educational background and training to determine their validity and credibility.

Getting Help

Because litigation surrounding medical cases is highly regulated by a complex body of rules, we recommend you contact our offices if you are seeking expert counsel. At Litigation Legal Insight we understand that providing expert testimony is only a portion of the work required of an expert. This is why we are in contact with professionals who can not only provide your case with the right testimony, but also:

  • Gather and review evidence
  • Evaluate the quality of any evidence related to the expert witness’s field
  • Examine articles in peer-reviewed literature, including “gray literature”
  • Prepare testimony with an attorney to review tone, appearance, and vocabulary

Litigation Legal Insight is a Los Angeles based business that provides legal counsel as well as expert witness services. Contact our team today and get connected to the right expert for your case. All of our experts are extensively trained and have years of experience in their selected fields.