Forensic Analysis Expert Witness and Testimony

Forensic analysis professionals are highly sought after for an assortment of cases. At LITILI, LLC we define forensic analysis as the process of employing the scientific method as a means of analyzing legal concerns to determine causality and liability. Forensic analysis expert consulting can prove worthwhile insight for cases concerning areas such as: law enforcement, environmental science, computer & software development, product liability, medical, construction, accounting, real estate, and business litigation.

Forensic analysis is often utilized in security-related litigation, but has its uses in many other technical situations. Forensic analysis experts may also assist in cases surrounding environmental concerns such as hazardous waste, geotechnical engineering, and environmental law litigation in general.

Forensic Engineering Expert Witness

Forensic Engineer ExpertForensic engineers are specialized experts trained to investigate issues surrounding construction errors. These experts conduct investigations of products, materials, structures or components that falter, fail, or do not operate or function as intended – resulting in injury or property damage. These structures can be civil, residential, or business. Forensic engineering investigations can be applied to any sort of project, which is why it is imperative to your case’s success that the forensic engineering expert witness is experienced and knowledgeable in the relevant discipline surrounding your case.

Forensic engineers may offer their expert opinion on construction defects, plumbing/piping, fire, waterproofing, roofing, or even issues concerning air quality. Even slips and falls may lead to an investigation conducted by forensic engineers, if the slip occurred because of an issue relating to the engineering project.

Forensic Engineers are useful for an accident investigation and commonly use accident reconstruction as a means of formulating their expert opinion. Our forensic engineers hail from more than just one discipline and are available for consultation as well as expert witness testimony.

Forensic Analysis Experts

Forensic Science

Forensic Science provides advanced science for the purposes of the law in order to offer objective scientific evidence for use in litigation. A forensic scientist can be from a multitude of disciplines including medical (medical examiners), law (crime scene investigators), biology, and engineers.

Forensic science experts work investigating death and accidental scenes and have even been brought on for forensic DNA consultation. LITILI forensic scientists are able to offer consultations including case review, evidence collection analysis, and investigation of chain of custody involving laboratories. Some of our forensic scientists have even taught classes to legal communities and have presented on forensic science topics.

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