Fingerprint Expert Witness & Testimony

Fingerprint analysis is the process of matching a person to fingerprints that may have been left behind, most often within the context of a crime scene. The fingerprinting process involves the spreading of a special powder over an object or surface in order to determine if any fingerprints had been left behind. Fingerprint examiners can play an essential role throughout litigation. They have the ability to identify an individual and determine whether they were present when a crime had taken place.

Forensic fingerprint experts assist law enforcement officials by using their unique expertise to analyze finger prints or foot prints left at a crime scenes. A fingerprint expert must have the ability to work quickly and efficiently. When working with law enforcement, these experts are asked to evaluate a crime scene and uncover undisturbed fingerprints to analyze.

Fingerprint examiners have varying types of forensic backgrounds, and as such can work in a variety of fields. Fingerprint experts are most commonly utilized in:

  • Police precincts
  • Government agencies
  • Prosecutors’ offices
  • Law firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals
  • Consulting firms

For some forensic fingerprint experts the location of their next job is a mystery. They may find themselves on call at all hours of the day and occasionally have to work in difficult or dangerous circumstances.

Fingerprint Examiner

At Litigation Legal Insight we have fingerprint experts who have the ability to serve as expert witnesses in criminal or civil trials.

Fingerprint examiners utilize fingerprinting technology to identify latent prints, or fingerprints that are invisible to the human eye. They may also be trained in additional forms of crime scene investigation including document examining, tire track analysis, and footwear examining.

LITILI fingerprinting experts are also available for consultations.

Consulting Services Available:

  • Fingerprint examination, including prints recorded on documents, such as notary journals.
  • Review of latent print evidence to determine evidence tampering or falsification.
  • Review and analysis of crime scene investigation reports and evidence.

Fingerprint Examiners For Litigation

Fingerprint AnalysisOur litigation support team takes care of: finding the right expert for your case, coordinating with the expert around your schedule, and are available for support until the case is concluded.
Law practices of all sizes – from single-attorney firms to large organizations, such as the FTC, EEOC, Attorney General Offices and all branches of the U.S. Military – rely on our pool of expert witnesses.

When you need a qualified, certified forensic expert to support your case as an expert witness, let Litigation Legal Insight make the process efficient and effortless. We maintain an updated, comprehensive database of expert witnesses in Medicine, Real Estate, Business Law, Engineering, Construction, Product Liability and Environmental Law. Our experts are available to support litigation nationwide.