How an Expert Assists your Case

It is an attorney’s responsibility to get to the bottom line. In order to accomplish this they must become masters at connecting the dots through evidence and testimony. Sometimes extra analysis is needed when attorneys find their case revolves around a specialized field or practice. This is when an expert is needed.

Lawyers who find themselves involved in highly technical cases must determine whether hiring an expert will help their client. In litigation where a laymen’s knowledge is not enough to understand vital information, experts are actively pursued.

Consider a case surrounding a construction accident, which resulted in an injury.

The lawyer may consider bringing in a specific expert, in this case an accident reconstruction engineer, in order to determine liability or to build a defense for his client. The lawyer is not a construction expert and may benefit from consulting an expert in accident reconstruction to evaluate whether or not the construction firm is liable for the injury to the client.

Said expert may help the lawyer determine if the equipment used was faulty or defective and if appropriate safety precautions were taken before the injury occurred.

Experts help analyze the case and then offer a variety of explanations in order to assist attorneys in forming sound conclusions.

Case Evaluation & Testing

Expert witnesses are often used by lawyers to review a case and help discover whether a claim has truth, such as in the case of an auto accident. Factors such as driver recklessness, faulty brakes, or even a highway design defect all could play a factor in what caused the accident. Experts have a variety of uses. Some may help determine why an incident occurred while others are hired to determine the extent of the damages sustained. This includes such factors as the loss of a job or earning potential related to claim negotiations.

Expert witnesses are also utilized to test certain pieces of evidence or “fact”– were the vehicle’s brakes properly built to industry standards or had they been damaged in some way? The most recognized practice of expert testing is when DNA experts are called upon to test blood samples in order to reach conclusions as to whether it matches that of the defendant.

Guiding Case Development

Experts are relied upon to assist lawyers in either building a case or defending one. An expert may also help gather evidence to determine causality or liability. They may be asked to prepare reports of their findings to be used in settlement negotiations or in an affidavit to be used in court proceedings.

Demonstrative Evidence

Apart from introducing “solid” evidence– which might consist of evidence from an accident or crime scene – experts may be requested to prepare something referred to as “demonstrative evidence.”

Demonstrative evidence is often used in cases to help demonstrate or explain information.

Common demonstrative items that may be employed at the direction of an expert are:

  • Maps
  • Models
  • Computer Simulations
  • Diagrams
  • Graphs

Litili Expert Witness Directory

Ultimately, if both parties are unable to settle, then the trial begins. Expert testimony is often presented to help persuade the judge and the jury. If qualified by the court, then the expert may testify as to their expert opinion based upon facts and reliable principles related to their field of expertise.

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