Expert Witness Directory

Litigation Legal Insight (LITILI) is an Expert Witness Directory built to connect qualified expert witnesses in hundreds of specialties to legal professionals and insurance companies all over the nation.

LITILI provides qualified and certified forensic experts to support your case as expert witnesses or consultants. We make the process of finding a knowledgeable expert efficient and effortless by connecting their clients with the appropriate professionals, while at the same time continuing to work alongside each case until its conclusion. We maintain an updated, comprehensive database of expert witnesses in Medicine, Real Estate, Business Law, Engineering, Construction,  Product Liability and Environmental Law.

Our experts are available to support litigation nationwide.

If you are seeking a specific expert, are unable to find an expert who meets your individual qualifications, or would like more information about our expert witness directory, please fill out our contact form now. If desired, our staff can also research and recruit additional experts to fit your needs.

We’ve helped hundreds of lawyers and insurance companies find the right experts for their cases and we look forward to helping you!