Construction Consulting

Litigation Legal Insight (Litili) is an expert witness directory that specializes in connecting law firms, attorneys, and insurance companies with the most experienced construction expert witnesses in Los Angeles. The Litili panel of experts includes highly qualified construction experts who are available for litigation and consultation services. We have engineers, contractors, architects, inspectors and surveyor experts experienced in all matters of construction including damages, codes and compliance, water damage/waterproofing, structural, and molds all available for hire.

Our construction experts are ready to offer their services whether your case revolves around an accident, issues with safety equipment, or questions of liability. At Litili, we can match you with the right construction expert who meets your specific requirements for any case!

Construction Expert Witness Testimony

Construction litigation can be complex and often requires the understanding of subtle differences between engineering and construction practices. Because of this, Litili strives to partner with construction professionals with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Our experts can testify in court as well as provide comprehensive analysis of case schematics. Litigation Legal Insight works with construction experts who have years of experience and have held positions such as:

  • Architect
  • Contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Construction Manager
  • Civil Engineer

Whatever your legal concerns, we are able to provide you professional consultation and expert witness services. Litili specializes in providing proper insight to guarantee the success of your case.

Construction Claims

Our experts may also offer their services for construction claims. Construction claims consulting assists both attorneys and insurance agencies by providing insight involving cases surrounding: engineering, construction management, project management, construction disputes, bid claims, and other numerous issues as each relates to construction litigation.

A construction claims expert may be hired to provide investigative services based on circumstances surrounding construction defects or imperfections. Construction defects can include: wall coatings, moisture contamination, windows, flooring, or anything of the like. These types of experts review necessary improvements in order to determine if they were properly made to avoid quality assurance issues and safety violations. Some construction claims cases may revolve around injuries sustained on site as well, also referred to as safety violations.

Expert Witnesses At Your Fingertips

With help from Litigation Legal Insight you will receive support that entails a thorough review of all documentation relevant to your construction dispute. Working with Litili your expert witness will be ready to testify on your schedule, written reports will be submitted in a timely manner, all contracts will be thoroughly reviewed alongside: schedules, bid estimates, and correspondence made prior to the filing of the suit.

Litili is concerned with your case’s success, which is why we coordinate all the necessary steps up until the conclusion of your case. Contact us today for more information!