Construction Claims Expert Witness & Testimony

A construction claims expert is tasked with investigating losses and claims related to construction problems around the country. Construction site accidents are thoroughly investigated in an attempt to discover not only the cause of the accident but also to determine what specific errors were made in worksite procedures and how they can be avoided in the future.

Construction claims expert witnesses may be called upon for a variety of cases. These experts may offer consultation services that can provide insight for construction litigation involving fields such as:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Disputes
  • Construction Delays
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Heavy Equipment

Our construction experts may also provide valuable insight for financial matters, risk management, safety, cost estimating, and construction defects.

Your construction expert should be experienced in evaluating construction claims for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. The more knowledge your expert possesses the more weight their testimony and expert opinion will hold in court. We have construction experts who have experience working with:

  • Schedule and cost analysis
  • Document assessment
  • Cost recovery assessment
  • Cause and effect determination
  • Damage analysis
  • Delay and impact evaluation

Our experts may be called upon to provide a failure analysis based on the findings of a construction defect, if discovered during a building inspection. Depending on the nature of the construction defect, our claims experts can help determine necessary repairs required so as to avoid future safety violations or concerns regarding quality assurance. Construction claims may also arise from elemental damage, such as from storms, earthquakes, or other types of weather conditions. Litigation concerning injuries and safety violations at construction sites are common occurrences and construction claims experts are regularly sought out to assist in legal matters.

Construction Contract Disputes

construction-contract-dispute-resolutionConstruction contract disputes require a construction expert with various experience within the construction industry. Since construction contracts declare the terms and conditions of a construction project as agreed upon by both parties, it takes an expert who has hands on experience with contracts to navigate the legal fine print. Our construction experts are able to contribute their expertise for most cases pertaining to the construction industry and construction contracts specifically. 

Construction contract disputes call upon expert witnesses to provide their expert opinion in the event of a contractual dispute. This may involve cost estimating, inspections, damages calculations, codes and compliance, cost/use of construction equipment, or violations of construction safety. These types of cases may sometimes call for a construction documents analysis in hopes of determining the source of the contractual dispute.

Construction Defects & Injury Cases

Construction damages can arise from issues with poorly made materials, equipment defects, errors made by onsite construction workers, or even weather-related damage. Construction damages can be quite costly and even a potential threat to safety. This is why seeking out a construction defect expert witness is vital for your case’s success. Our experts will provide their expert opinion concerning the damages and what may have caused them.

These construction experts may offer insight into liability for damage that may have occurred as well as if the proper preventive steps were taken.

Even commonplace incidents, like construction slips and falls, may result in a lawsuit. Our experts have extensive experience dealing with regulations and codes of compliance required by the construction industry; they may provide testimony as to whether there was a failure in proper procedure.