Accounting Expert Witness & Testimony

When involved in litigation surrounding accounting or valuation within a specific industry, it is vital to seek out only the most experienced accounting experts to assist you during your case. Our financial experts are qualified in forensic accounting, book keeping, and tax accounting to name a few disciplines.

Many businesses try to keep their own books. However, keeping an accurate account of finances requires extensive expertise and time-intensive training. No matter what the issue your business is facing, we have accounting experts who can offer their assistance. Our experts understand the latest tax laws, industry practices and accounting technologies, and have also testified in cases concerning loss of income and accounting errors in general.

Accounting experts can specialize in a number of practices including:

  • Forensic Accounting
  • International Accounting
  • Business Valuation
  • Economic Loss Damages
  • Auditing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Investments
  • Business Management

Accounting Experience You Can Count On

The experience of your accounting expert is an essential aspect to the success of your case. Your expert will be asked to give their expert opinion on any type of record keeping or documentation entangled within the financial procedures. Hiring an inexperienced accountant can cause serious problems for any case if they are found to have calculated numbers incorrectly.

Whether your case involves audits, fraudulent financial statements, lost profits, financial disputes, bankruptcy, accounting malpractice, embezzlement, wage loss, breach of contract, or securities fraud our accounting experts can provide testimony based on their extensive experience and professional credentials.

Whatever your law practice, from single-attorney firms to large organizations, when accounting disputes arise in court you will need the same professional experts Litigation Legal Insight has been known to provide. Clarifying important information amidst the numbers and detail can be extremely challenging to those who do not work in the accounting field. In the worst cases, lines may become blurred between fraud and error which could obscure who is ultimately responsible for damages. This is why pursuing an accounting expert witness in litigation matters is pertinent.

Accounting expert witness and testimony

Why Hire An Accounting Expert?

An accounting expert witness will use his or her professional understanding of their specific field to sift through the numbers, precisely. These experts remove any speculation before reaching an objective conclusion.

The services provided by an expert in accounting includes exhaustive investigative research and a thorough review of all documents relative to your specific litigation.

For effective testimony, your expert witness should have an understanding of the specific economic structures and financial instruments applicable to your case. Litigation Legal Insight locates experts in numerous accounting disciplines in order to provide our clients with an expert that is tailored for their case.

We provide financial experts with specializations in accounting malpractice, public accounting, mortgage fraud, financial reporting fraud, real estate, fraudulent documents, SEC standards and much more. Our experts represent the top talent in their fields which is why we encourage you to contact our team today.